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The attorneys at Law Offices of Edward J. Maher, P.C., a Baltimore, Maryland firm, have practiced Landlord-Tenant law since 1997.  Our attorneys primarily represent commercial and residential landlords; however, we also assist commercial tenants.  Most of our cases involve landlords' actions for repossession of rental property. But we also defend litigation and other actions brought against landlords. The firm's clients range from corporate owners of multiple apartment buildings to individual owners of a single rental unit.  We handle cases in Baltimore City and all counties in the Baltimore-Metropolitan region.

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We utilize a state-of-the-art interactive rent case processing system accessible via this website. You will find that this technology will save you time and money by enabling you to process rent cases quickly. For a demonstration of this system, simply click on the video located above.  Also, you will find we provide high quality representation with great attention to detail not only in rent cases but also in matters involving issues other than non-payment of rent.  Lastly, Mr. Maher and his staff understand the needs of landlords and will work diligently to meet your expectations.

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